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Do you know the relationship between thimble dispensing valv

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Is there any relationship between dispensing valve and sealing? In fact, there are many kinds of seals, which are directly related to glue, and glue will affect the selection of dispensing valve. How can we achieve the close relationship between dispensing valve and seal? We need to start with which part of the story.
The relationship between dispensing valve and sealing
  The connection between dispensing valves is quality and sealing effect quality. According to the type of dispensing valve, there is an absolute relationship. If you don't understand the requirements of glue and dispensing, don't choose the dispensing valve easily. Otherwise, the quality of glue dispensing is not as good as you think, and there will be no existing gluing effect. The dispensing effect is determined by the requirements, which is the relationship between dispensing valve and sealing.
  The function of the thimble dispensing valve is to control the glue and carry out dispensing. In the general dispensing process, the product has requirements for the width and height of the glue. It needs something to control the glue to achieve the desired dispensing, while the dispensing valve is to serve as its role. How to control the glue quantity also requires the assistance of other machines and accessories, but the glue is corroded and there is a sealing ring inside To prevent glue leakage.
  The relationship between dispensing valve and sealing is mainly that glue is applied on the product to achieve bonding and sealing effect. According to the actual situation of thimble dispensing valve, it can be seen that the application in the existing production mode has good gluing effect, which can make appropriate dispensing requirements according to the manufacturer's production requirements, so as to meet the demand. This is one of the relationships between dispensing valve and sealing.
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