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What are the advantages of pressure bucket with pneumatic de

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At present, there are two types of painting pressure bucket devices in the market, which are divided into electric and pneumatic devices. Pneumatic devices occupy the majority of the market. Let's analyze the advantages of pneumatic devices, and then we can find out why manufacturers need to use pneumatic pressure buckets for painting instead of electric pressure buckets.
Advantages of pneumatic device

  Advantages of pneumatic device

  1. The cost of using air pressure is low. Basically, each manufacturer needs to use air pressure, so it can be directly connected for use, and the consumption cost is lower than that of electric
  2. Although electric painting is used, air pressure assistance is needed to reduce the use of air pressure to a certain extent. Without air pressure, uneven painting will be caused, and the glue will be easy to block.
  3. The cost of purchasing pneumatic painting pressure bucket is low. If there is a mistake in operation, the cost of loss is relatively low. The price of electric products is higher than that of pneumatic ones.
Advantages of pneumatic device
  It is better to use electric power in mixing than pneumatic power. Generally, spray paint is used. The viscosity of glue is not thick. Pneumatic power is enough. Electric mixing can be considered when using glue dispensing. The viscosity of glue is also one of the factors affecting the selection of pressure bucket. The advantage of pneumatic equipment lies in the proper use of glue viscosity. Electric equipment can be used for high viscosity and pneumatic equipment can be used for low viscosity Set, why the pneumatic painting pressure bucket occupies most of the time, the general painting is to use more low viscosity glue.

  Pressure barrel can be painted automatically or manually. If you don't know how to choose, you can find our manufacturer to make a plan for you! Our company is specialized in producing pressure buckets. In addition to painting pressure buckets, there are other types of pressure buckets, such as silica gel pressure buckets, carbon steel pressure buckets and stainless steel pressure buckets. We also have the ability to manufacture non-standard pressure buckets. Pneumatic painting pressure buckets are the types of pressure buckets that our company has made from non-standard pressure buckets.
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