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Is it convenient to clean the inner plastic bucket?

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Rubber bucket cleaning is always a troublesome thing, especially the high viscosity, large volume and fast solidification of glue. It needs to be cleaned from time to time. If the machine has an automatic cleaning device and the cleaning is simple, manual cleaning may be particularly troublesome, but if there is a pressure bucket, the rubber bucket cleaning is relatively simple, because the inner bucket is light and easy to take.
Rubber bucket cleaning
  For example: the use of pneumatic paint pressure bucket generally uses paint, which is very difficult to clean, and the paint is also corrosive. The use time is long, which still has an impact on the pressure bucket. Using the inner bucket of the pressure bucket, you can not clean it, but the price is cheap. The price of 8-liter pressure bucket is only 60 yuan. It is made of 201 stainless steel, and the price of an 8-liter pneumatic paint pressure bucket is about 480 yuan, which is a gap There is a big difference, so it is very beneficial to use the inner barrel of the pressure barrel.
  Rubber bucket cleaning is generally used for organic solution and alcohol. There are also special cleaning agents. You need to ask the manufacturer. For example, in addition to the above two, there are also special cleaning solutions for silica gel. Because the glue is different, different cleaning solutions will be used. There is still a certain requirement for cleaning. It is the same as the pressure bucket accessories. We are using pneumatic spray paint pressure buckets. We definitely need to It should be equipped with appropriate pressure barrel accessories, rather than other types of accessories, so that it can not be used.
Rubber bucket cleaning
  The function of pressure barrel accessories for air pressure spray painting is generally used for sealing, air pressure, safety and storage. In order to store properly and easily, the inner barrel of pressure barrel is not affected and convenient for rubber bucket cleaning. This is one of the functions of conventional pressure barrel accessories. There are other functions. We will explain in the next article. You can click the link to go!
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