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How to paint the pressure barrel with glue

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For pressure barrel painting, it is necessary to select the appropriate machine type, for example: the ordinary ink can select the dispensing pressure barrel, the paint is easy to precipitate, and the dispensing pressure barrel with the mixing device is required to have the use effect. It is recommended to use the pneumatic painting pressure barrel, and the paint can be stirred at any time to avoid paint precipitation. Pressure barrel painting is optional.
  The use of pneumatic painting pressure bucket as paint spraying has advantages. Although paint oil precipitates, it has time interval. The advantages of pneumatic device lie in controllability and cost, low price and easy operation. The dispensing pressure bucket itself needs air pressure, just to achieve mixing and painting work. Conclusion: the selection of pneumatic painting pressure bucket for pressure bucket painting is a price comparison choice for manufacturers 。
Pressure barrel painting

  Advantages of pneumatic device

  1.It does not need access circuit and has high security.
  2. Simple maintenance, few parts, easy to repair.
  3. Complete accessories, easy to operate, only need to connect air pressure.
Pressure barrel painting
  There are many accessories for the pneumatic paint pressure bucket. If you don't know the function of the accessories, you can contact us directly! Can explain in detail for you, what are the functions of dispensing pressure barrel accessories, which also help the installation! Because the installation sequence of each dispensing pressure bucket is different, especially with mixing device, there will be many accessories. The function of pressure bucket accessories is to meet the requirements of sealing and safety.
  How can the pressure bucket achieve the painting? It uses the air pressure to squeeze the paint. The glue is delivered to the spray gun, and then the air pressure is connected. With the special device, the paint can be atomized to achieve the painting. The pneumatic painting pressure bucket can achieve the painting principle, which is related to the function of the pressure bucket accessories. Different accessories can achieve different effects.
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