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What details do you need to pay attention to using a plastic

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Whether it is the medical field or in the production of plastic needle cylinder has an important role, but there are medical plastic syringes and industrial plastic needle cylinder difference, the plastic needle cylinder is mainly used in medical disposable blood use, this is in order to avoid cross contamination, and the plastic dispensing syringe industry use of repeated use, understand the use of plastic dispensing needle cylinder attention to more convenient to complete dispensing work.
The dispensing needle is divided into disposable plastic syringe dispensing and long-term use of plastic dispensing syringes, disposable plastic syringe with low cost easy to use, so there is a small amount of glue demand can use this needle, if it is in high demand it is better to use plastic dispensing syringes for long-term use. When working normally, operators should pay attention to the sealing of disposable plastic syringes. The bubbles usually appear due to the poor sealing ability of the plastic syringe. If it is a poorly sealed plastic syringe, it should be processed promptly, so as to avoid affecting the quality of normal dispensing.
The plastic syringe has the advantages of convenient use and simple operation, the plastic needle cylinder is made of polypropylene, its good thermal conductivity, with the characteristic of it is not suitable for application in hot melt glue, easy to make the dispensing needle plastic deformation occurred, but will affect the normal glue quality also may cause harm to the operator, so try to avoid the use of hot melt glue.
The cost of plastic dispensing syringe is cheaper. There may be some residual glue in the plastic syringe. Therefore, if residue residue is found in normal work, it can be directly discarded, which is good for the normal dispensing effect and helps users improve production capacity.
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