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How much is the price of a common automatic pressure barrel

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In fact, the price of the automatic pressure bucket is determined by the number of liters. The price of 1L and 2L is different. The material and price are different. The price of the automatic pressure bucket starts from 180 (1L). This is just a common flat cover pressure bucket. If other accessories are added, the price will be increased, such as: mixer, liquid level detection, etc.
Automatic pressure barrel price
  The pressure barrel is recommended to be selected by Chinese automation equipment manufacturers. There are stainless steel and carbon steel pressure barrels, which can be added with different accessories according to the glue type. Some manufacturers need to add funnels for glue addition, some need liquid level detection, some need mixing devices, etc. our company can do it. At present, what kind of pressure barrel the manufacturer needs, our company can do it, otherwise, our price It is not likely to be cheap because of the large amount of use and the low purchase price. The price of the automatic pressure barrel sold by our company is also relatively low. The recommended pressure barrel is this manufacturer.
Automatic pressure barrel price
  The price of carbon steel pressure barrel is also very clear. It is lower than the automatic pressure barrel made of stainless steel. The higher the number of liters, the lower the cost of demand. You can choose the pressure barrel according to the requirements of the manufacturer! If you need the pressure bucket, you can buy it from us. Because our company has received the order comprehensively, we can solve the glue storage problem for you. Welcome to contact us, because what we are doing now is dispensing machine, dispensing valve and pressure bucket. So we need to find our professional suppliers, which are reliable..
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