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Use pressure barrel in combination with semi-automatic dispe

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It's not easy to use the pressure barrel. It can't be used without instructions. It needs to install accessories. It also needs to be connected to the machine in combination with pipes. In addition to the full-automatic dispensing opportunity, it can also be used semi-automatic. Some manufacturers need to use a large amount of glue for dispensing. They don't want to buy a full-automatic machine. They can be used together with semi-automatic and automatic pressure barrels, which can still solve the problem of dispensing and storage Glue problem, of course, the effect is not automatic and easy to use.
Use pressure barrel
  The semi-automatic dispensing machine and the automatic pressure barrel need to use the following accessories: dispensing controller, delivery hose, delivery gas pipe, foot pedal (manual dispensing switch), dispensing valve. The accessories are relatively few and the installation is simple. They are all one-to-one installation. Connect the air pressure to the controller and dispensing valve, and then connect a rubber pipe from the stainless steel pressure barrel to the dispensing valve, and the safety is completed Install, start to test the glue effect. This is the semi-automatic dispensing machine combined with the use of pressure bucket.
Use pressure barrel
  The size of the stainless steel pressure barrel is determined by the amount of glue used by the manufacturer, and it can be configured with appropriate liters. Because the stainless steel pressure barrel produced by our company is manufactured according to the requirements of the manufacturer, which belongs to the customized version. There is no ready-made size of the pressure barrel, so a liquid level detection device can be installed on the pressure barrel to monitor the amount of glue water used, so as to avoid air inside the rubber tube.
  There are many ways to use the pressure barrel. If you don't know how to use it, you can consult the manufacturer! Our company will give clear use methods and precautions. There are installation steps, service life of automatic pressure barrel accessories, and how to clean them. If you have such needs, you can come to our company to buy them! There is special after-sales service, which can make your company have a good sense of service.
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