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How many types of stainless steel pressure barrels are produ

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There are many types of pressure barrels, and how many types are produced in our company? Today, I'd like to make an inventory of the types and quantities of pressure barrels produced by our company. The materials are carbon steel and stainless steel, which are the main materials used by our company. The types mentioned below can be achieved according to these two materials.
活塞式压力桶 Conventional pressure barrel: flat cover pressure barrel, piston pressure barrel (long piston), electric mixing pressure barrel, silica gel pressure barrel, inner barrel, clamp pressure barrel, pneumatic pressure barrel, etc.
Non standard conventional pressure barrel: flange pressure barrel, pressure barrel with funnel, visible pressure barrel, multifunctional pressure barrel, non-standard pressure barrel, etc.
Before, the type of pressure barrel was our main production product. In fact, the above products basically meet the needs of the current dispensing and filling industry, and our company also has the ability to produce non-standard filling machine accessories. Only when your company gives the product requirements and drawings, our company can produce the appropriate type of pressure barrel, which is the strength of the manufacturer.
The accessories of glue filling machine include flange pressure barrel, rubber tube, flat cover of pressure barrel, double liquid dispensing valve, controller, etc., as well as internal core electronic accessories. The combination is the real glue filling, while the external accessories can be replaced. For example, if flange pressure barrel is needed, pneumatic pressure barrel can be replaced; if rubber tube is 8 cm, 6 cm can be replaced. The accessories of glue filling machine can not be replaced according to the actual production situation With the same adjustment, the application range of glue filling is very wide.
The flat cover of the pressure barrel is generally made of the same material and seal strip. Holes of various products need to be made on the flat cover so that the air pressure gauge, muffler, safety valve, rubber tube, etc. are installed on the flat cover of the pressure barrel, which is convenient for disassembly and replacement and avoids safety problems.
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