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Flat cover of 304 stainless steel pressure barrel made in Ch

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Any cover plays a role of sealing or protection. When it is used, we need to think about how it affects the product and how to produce it. In the stainless steel pressure barrel produced by our company, we need to use a flat cover. According to the usage, the thickness and material selection of the flat cover need to be on the top to meet the standard.
  The stainless steel pressure barrel is used to store glue, and then input air pressure to transfer glue from the barrel to the point glue valve, which requires a large air pressure value, and the selection of flat cover material of the pressure barrel can only be high-strength, which can solve the problem of internal high air pressure and pressure relief. The flat cover thickness reaches 12mm, which is very suffered. Moreover, a sealing ring is embedded on the flat cover for sealing.
  No matter what type of pressure bucket, there will be flat cover. There are two kinds of flat cover materials, stainless steel and carbon steel, which are high-strength materials. According to what kind of pressure bucket your company uses, we can make flat cover of what materials now. In fact, our flat cover is well manufactured and meets the requirements of national standards for the tightness of pressure buckets.
  There are many types and types of glue storage devices, and there are some differences in the flat cover of pressure bucket. For example, flange pressure bucket and piston pressure bucket have different flat cover types. Flange type has many bolt interfaces, about 8 in total. Piston type will open an air pump in the middle. The flat cover used by the two glue storage devices is different, and the rubber pipe access position is also different However, the sealing requirements of the pressure barrel can meet the requirements!
  You can check the position of the rubber tube to know whether the flat cover of the glue storage device has been changed. Generally, the rubber tube appears from the top, while some appear at the bottom and the top. Generally, the pressure bucket platform that you want to hear is used. It depends on the size of the specification. The bottom glue may be the same, but not more.
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