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Full automatic filling machine accessories Daquan

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The parts of the glue filling machine include many things. It is very important to form a full-automatic glue filling machine. Today, I will share the parts of the glue filling equipment with you to see what core parts are, which are consumable parts. I am basically familiar with the machine, which is also very helpful for the use of parts. Let's have a look.
  Glue filling machine accessories
  Dispensing valve, rubber pipe, stainless steel pressure barrel, sensor, gear pump, mixing pipe, operating system, handle controller, step motor, automatic cleaning device, touch screen, alarm device, aluminum alloy structure, air pressure control device, mixing device, silver guide rail, etc. These are the basic accessories of automatic rubber filling machine, and some smaller parts names have been forgotten However, there are many types of parts, such as flange pressure bucket, stainless steel pressure bucket, piston pressure bucket and so on.
Glue filling machine accessories
  Stainless steel pressure barrel is a kind of conventional use of glue filling machine accessories. There are many types. The size and materials can be selected according to the glue viscosity and requirements. However, stainless steel is generally used, with long service life and easy cleaning. In addition, now the glue filling machine is basically automatic cleaning, and the smoothness of the pressure barrel will directly affect the cleaning effect. To ensure such effect, it is necessary to fundamentally To solve the problem, each kind of accessories will affect the production effect. For example, if flange pressure bucket is used, glue cannot be added in the middle of the production process, so glue must be added in the middle of the production process. If stainless steel pressure bucket with funnel is used, glue can be added in the middle of the production process. There are many types of pressure bucket, which are different from the type of rubber hose. Choosing the right one is very good for machine production.
  Our company has a special production department. All parts can be produced without worrying about the damage of parts, resulting in the unavailability of the machine. There is a guarantee period for purchasing all parts. In addition, the type of pressure barrel is produced according to international standards, and flange pressure barrel is the best example. It is produced according to the shape of foreign parts.

  The shape of the flat cover of the pressure barrel is very wrong. Different stainless steel pressure barrels will have different flat covers of the pressure barrel, which can meet the requirements of the use of the pressure barrel. Therefore, there are many different types of glue filling machine accessories, which must require the product to choose the glue filling machine, so as to meet the use requirements.
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