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How to avoid the leakage of the needles after the discontinu

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The emergence of dispensing machine has provided great help for manufacturers. Apart from the main bonding, it is also responsible for coating links and packaging links in various industries, effectively helping manufacturers achieve two improvements in production efficiency. The dispensing needle is an important accessory dispenser is essential, through the glue dispensing needle can be accurately coated on the surface of the object, whether it is the implementation of the package or the bonding effect is very good, sometimes the user disable dispenser will find a dispensing needle with adhesive leakage problems, if leakage is easy to cause the glue dispensing needle residue the influence of stage clean and affect again dispensing work.
There are many common problems in dispensing needles for many reasons, leakage, first to select proper dispensing needles specifications, most needles specifications in 14G-34G, if the larger the number represents the glue outlet is small, and the smaller the number of glue outlet more, if there is a glue adhesive leakage problem is the glue outlet caused by too much, the best choice of small size of the glue dispensing needle.
Strong liquidity is the cause of leakage of adhesive glue dispensing work is completed, the glue viscosity is too low can lead to excess liquidity, a small amount of glue will remain in the dispensing valve within the liquidity caused by excessive leakage, can enhance the viscosity by heating the glue, can effectively prevent the glue adhesive leakage problem.
If you want to avoid dispensing needle adhesive leakage problems best from the root of the problem solving, operators in complete dispensing work after internal glue out of all stored separately, the only way to avoid the leakage of glue dispensing needle device after the closure of the problem, and avoid the waste of glue, so that the production costs decline further.
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