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I don't know the secret of epoxy glue filling, guess what it

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Epoxy glue belongs to two-component glue. It's no secret that it needs to be poured in the industry. It's a popular glue, but it's also relatively difficult to pour. Because the epoxy glue needs to be defoaming. After a glue and B glue are mixed, there will be bubbles, and bubbles will cause defects in the glue. So every time you use epoxy glue, the first step is to find a way to get rid of the glue.
  Epoxy glue is difficult and simple to use, mainly due to its glue property, low glue mixing ratio and simple use, such as the mixing ratio below 3:1, which is relatively convenient. The static two-component dispensing valve can be used with a centrifugal mixer, which can meet the glue filling requirements. The mixing ratio is the main influence. The glue mixing is uneven, and there is no glue filling effect at all. This is double Component glue filling core, why our company produces a variety of double liquid dispensing valves, in order to better achieve glue mixing.
  At present, our company has two kinds of two-component dispensing valves, static and dynamic two-liquid dispensing valves, static: refers to passive mixing of glue, dynamic: refers to active mixing of glue, to improve mixing efficiency, two types of dispensing valves are just allocated to low viscosity two-liquid glue and high viscosity two-liquid glue, to meet the needs of the current industry, to speed up production efficiency, so as to achieve more glue filling. Our company The double liquid dispensing valve is certified by the market, if there is demand, you can come to try the effect!
  The dynamic double liquid dispensing valve can mix the glue ratio of 5:1 and below, and needs better equipment to meet the higher requirements of two-component glue filling. At present, the mixing ratio that our company can do is 10:1 and below, which is one of the difficulties in the current industry. The viscosity of glue water also has range requirements, and it should have certain fluidity, otherwise it can't be mixed After the glue is delivered to the dispensing valve, it cannot be mixed evenly, and then the glue is poured.
  Epoxy glue pouring must understand the characteristics and production requirements of the glue, so as to better configure the two-component dispensing valve and the appropriate glue valve. With half the effort in production, the effect will be significantly improved. It is not suitable and basically can not meet the production, which has a great impact on the glue pouring.
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