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What are the glue storage devices in dispensing industry at

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There are many types of glue storage devices, including plastic dispensing syringes, stainless steel pressure barrels, silica gel sleeves, toothpaste tubes, etc., which are popular glue storage methods in the dispensing industry. It can be seen from them that these glue storage devices are targeted. For example, the toothpaste tubes are specially used for glue like toothpaste packaging, and do not need to extrude the glue. One is placed in the toothpaste tubes, Direct dispensing, simple production steps, the effect is obvious.

  Glue storage device type:

  Dispensing syringe: low cost, small storage capacity, easy to use, suitable for small flow dispensing products.
  Flange pressure bucket: large storage capacity, one-time storage, can meet the daily consumption, suitable for filling glue.
  Silica gel sleeve: it is suitable for mounting silica gel, and 290 ~ 300mm glue is suitable for use.
  Toothpaste tube: similar to the glue packed in toothpaste, it can be stored in toothpaste tube to avoid glue extrusion.
  Glue storage device is also a few of these general, if you want to subdivide, can be divided into many types Oh! There are more than ten types of pressure buckets, such as flange pressure buckets, stainless steel pressure buckets, carbon steel pressure buckets, etc. there are many types of glue storage devices. If you don't understand, you can consult our company!
  There are a large number of parts for the glue filling machine, which are not professional personnel. They don't have specific knowledge about the parts, many of them don't know. The routine includes rubber tube, flange pressure barrel, dispensing valve, etc. there are also some unconventional parts for the glue filling machine, such as screw valve, sealing ring, controller, etc. there are many types of parts. Why do you need the manufacturer to give the products, just to make samples, to know which kind of filling Rubber machine parts are more suitable for use.
  The sealing requirements of the pressure barrel are very high. A sealing ring will be installed on the flat cover of the pressure barrel, and then locked with bolts. The internal air pressure of the pressure barrel is very high, otherwise the glue cannot be delivered to the point glue valve from the bottom through the rubber tube, and the quality of the pressure barrel must be guaranteed, otherwise it will burst. At present, the flange pressure barrels produced by our company are made of stainless steel or carbon steel, which is very hard High material, plus national standard accessories, to avoid air pressure leakage, whether the requirements for tightness of the pressure barrel are very high, to avoid air to carry out rubber hose, affecting the filling effect.
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