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How to reduce the plugging of the needles in the dispensing

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The dispensing needle dispenser dispensing supplies as in the dispensing operation process must be used, why is called supplies? It is because in the dispensing operation, there are many needles are disposable. Therefore the needle clogging is a common phenomenon in the dispensing needle, dispensing operation can not be avoided, but the chance if used correctly can make it happen are greatly reduced. So in the daily operation should pay attention to those problems? There is no good solution to what? Here by the system for analysis of all users simple.
Usually the most fundamental dispensing needle blocked the phenomenon of reason lies in the type of glue and method in the dispensing operation. Hot melt adhesive frequently used in daily operation for example, it is the use of stainless steel needles, glue by raising the temperature of the melt, so long as to keep the heater temperature in certain degree, probability reduce the incidence of needle clogging phenomenon can be very good.
There is a quite special, in our daily operations sometimes must be used to this kind of glue adhesive for product dispensing, but due to the special nature of the adhesive curing at room temperature very quickly. So in operation if the dispensing machine production shutdown, fast dry glue is very easy to cause the occurrence of needle jam. So the best way to avoid clogging the needle dispensing process to maintain continuity in the use of this kind of glue.
There is also a special kind of glue, AB glue, for example: because the curing speed is slow, in daily operation, is less prone to clogging, but also to pay attention on, if you do not use a long time, must be mixed mouth removed, then glue sealed, avoid glue the needle mouth blocked.
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