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Working principle of precision screw valve

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It is known that there is a pneumatic dispensing valve, but there is also a voltage dispensing valve, which uses the current as the main power to drive the rubber valve for dispensing and is called a screw valve. However, the price of this valve is several times higher than that of other pneumatic valves. The price of a common precision screw valve is tens of thousands, while the price of a conventional pneumatic valve is only a few hundred. Screw valves are generally high-precision products.
Although the screw valve is expensive, the dispensing effect is very good. In anaerobic dispensing or UV dispensing, the dispensing control and precision are very good. Working principle of screw valve: use the controller to provide 12V voltage to drive screw motor, and use the rotation mode to carry out glue delivery. The glue control is particularly stable, and it also has the effect of suction back. This is a simple working principle description. Generally, a thimble is installed inside the dispensing valve to push glue delivery by using air pressure, while the screw valve is controlled by the motor, and the glue delivery is stable without drawing or leaking.
Dispensing debugging: the anaerobic glue screw dispensing valve has a special dispensing controller, which can set the suction time, strength, delivery volume, first adjust the screw valve parameters, then adjust the dispensing machine parameters, advance the delivery time, delivery speed, break plastic time, and so on. These are the key points of dispensing debugging, as well as track setting, dispensing to point, path each need dispensing The position and dispensing shall be accurate to the point to avoid the track error and improper application.
Anaerobic glue dispensing and UV glue dispensing are the same. Although there are different places to use the machine, the operation steps are the same. There are different points and the same points, but the dispensing parameters will be different. As long as it is set according to the actual situation, the dispensing debugging is very simple. The use of anaerobic glue screw valve dispensing valve is also very simple. If not, our company can come to the door Or video teaching, one-on-one teaching, nothing to worry about will not use.
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