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What determines the point to point dispensing?

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Dispensing point to point refers to the point to be selected when the dispensing machine sets the dispensing path, because the route to be set for dispensing is based on two points, one line and three points, and each point is the way of dispensing point to point. In order to achieve dispensing task, our company, according to the actual production situation, said how to carry out dispensing point to point.
  First, select the first point of the product as the starting point, and then select the second point according to the actual production sequence. If there is an arc in front of the arc, you need to set a point in front of the arc, then the middle point of the arc, then a point at the end of the arc, and then the track points. If it is an irregular curve, it is the same as the arc points. Then To return to the start point, then select the end point, and then combine to the start point to complete the dispensing point to point.
  For the second use, we need glue dispensing and point-to-point. After we set the glue dispensing track, we will set a fixed point. After the automatic glue dispensing machine is turned on the next day, it will move to the fixed point position, and then reset it, so we don't need to set another point, just glue dispensing directly. This is very convenient, and we don't need to repeat the troublesome glue dispensing and point-to-point problem. Why Automatic dispensing machine is popular, it is easy to operate.
  Our company is not only the manufacturer of automatic dispensing machine, but also the manufacturer of dispensing accessories. If anaerobic dispensing, anaerobic dispensing and double liquid dispensing are used, our company has appropriate dispensing accessories to meet the demand. For example, anaerobic dispensing can use anaerobic screw dispensing valve, which can well control the dispensing effect. Anaerobic screw dispensing valve can control the dispensing amount at 0.01 Mm, but also has the screw suction effect, the effect is very good, the anaerobic glue screw dispensing valve produced by our company is an import valve, and the price is not cheap.
  The instructions for screw valve use are explained in the last part of this link, with detailed explanation effect. It can be seen that the difference between ordinary dispensing valve and anaerobic dispensing valve is also very helpful for dispensing. The dispensing valve with good effect is very different from the general dispensing valve now.
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