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What kind of dispensing valve does anaerobic dispensing matc

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Special dispensing valve shall be used for anaerobic glue dispensing. Ordinary dispensing valve is easy to cause glue problems. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of anaerobic glue, a dispensing valve is specially developed. Because anaerobic glue has adhesion, it is difficult to clean it with organic solution. Then our company uses the anaerobic glue dispensing valve made of Teflon material as the control device.

  Generally, the rubber cylinder of dispensing valve is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy, while the anaerobic dispensing valve is made of Teflon. What's the difference between the two? First, the Teflon material is inert and will not react with the anaerobic glue. Second, it is viscous. The Teflon material can be cleaned and will not be stuck in the inner part of the glue tank to avoid glue blockage. Third, the price. The diaphragm device needs to be installed inside the anaerobic glue dispensing valve. The price is higher than that of the ordinary glue dispensing valve and other types of glue dispensing valves. The glue dispensing made of Teflon material is not used Valves.
  Our company also produces a dispensing valve for anaerobic glue dispensing, called anaerobic glue screw dispensing valve, which is a high-precision valve with a relatively expensive price of about 15000. It is a high-precision dispensing valve with good glue control effect and automatic suction back function. Generally, it uses axis suction back. The glue with low viscosity is not easy to use, but the anaerobic glue screw dispensing valve does not The limit, the function will be relatively high, dispensing on the pad accurately.
  Anaerobic rubber screw valve instructions in the previous article has instructions, you can click the link jump Oh! In fact, there's no way to explain the use of screw valve thoroughly in an article. It's only about that. It's still necessary to teach hand to hand when dispensing. Only when anaerobic dispensing is combined with glue type and product requirements, can we know which dispensing valve to use. Some high-end dispensing devices will have greater requirements for the effect, just like Uvglue dispensing , select the right machine and accessories to have the effect.
  Anaerobic dispensing valve or screw dispensing valve are recommended for anaerobic dispensing. The effect of these two dispensing valves is OK, and dispensing is convenient to each other. If your company has this demand, please call our company, which can meet your dispensing task. Welcome to call the hot line of service.
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