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Apple computer magnetic stripe point UV glue suitable access

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Uvglue is a kind of expensive glue, which is generally used in high-precision industries, such as apple computer magnetic stripe, Bluetooth headset, mobile phone and notebook, etc. these industries have high requirements for dispensing accuracy. Generally, screw dispensing valve is used for dispensing, what is screw valve? Today, I'd like to talk about the machines and accessories used in Uvglue dispensing.
  Although the ordinary dispensing valve has a suction effect, its service life is not long and the suction effect is relatively poor. However, the cost of anaerobic glue screw dispensing valve is expensive and the use effect is good, which can realize screw suction. By using the reverse way, the glue can be pumped back to the needle barrel, which can realize the suction effect. It does not need the dispenser to do the early delivery or delayed closing. The screw valve suitable for Uvglue dispensing is called anaerobic glue screw Rod dispensing valve is a high-end precision valve, which can also achieve anaerobic dispensing.
  Anaerobic glue is also a kind of glue with high difficulty. Its fluidity is not good and it is easy to stick on the dispensing valve, so it is very difficult to clean. However, the screw dispensing valve does not have this problem. There is no doubt about the dispensing effect. Your company can see the use effect of screw dispensing valve on site. We have a ready-made anaerobic glue screw dispensing machine, which is specially used for proofing. Welcome to your company.
  The working principle of screw valve is explained in the previous article. You can see the operating principle of anaerobic glue screw dispensing valve, and understand the dispensing debugging mode and effect. If you have the precision requirements, the general dispensing valve can not be known, and only anaerobic glue screw valve can meet the production requirements. The dispensing debugging is very simple, and the screw valve works In principle, there is also a way to use the controller. Each anaerobic glue screw dispensing valve has a special controller to achieve high-precision dispensing. Because the screw motor needs to be controlled, we can see high-precision anaerobic glue and UV glue dispensing.
  Anaerobic screw dispensing valve is basically used for one year without dispensing debugging, the effect is so stable, which is one of the reasons why manufacturers choose screw dispensing valve as production valve.
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