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How to choose dispensing equipment accessories?

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The selection of dispensing equipment is based on the product requirements and glue as the core to match the appropriate machine. How to select the equipment can be seen that it's not made up casually. Combined with the actual situation, the machine's compliance degree is the highest. It's still very simple to choose the machine type. It doesn't need too many skills. If you won't choose dispensing equipment, you can contact our company!
  Select the appropriate dispensing equipment and accessories for epoxy glue filling. First of all, you need to know that epoxy glue is a two-component glue, and then glue mixing is carried out in the dispensing process. From the above two points, you can know that there are two pressure buckets, mixing dispensing valve, metering pump, etc. in the matching. You can also determine whether to use dynamic mixing valve or static mixing valve according to the glue ratio requirements and viscosity, and the glue and product should Seek for the best way to determine dispensing equipment.
  There are many types of stainless steel pressure barrel, such as screw pressure barrel, funnel pressure barrel and flat cover pressure barrel. It is also necessary to select the appropriate pressure barrel according to the glue requirements, with high viscosity, cylinder type and agitation type. There are still a lot of knowledge among them, but the pressure barrel manufacturers can solve this problem very well, and can produce the products of very suitable manufacturers as storage There is no problem to find a special manufacturer. Our company has been specializing in the production of dispensing equipment and pressure barrels, with many years of production technology. At present, the types of glue set are silica gel, hot-melt glue, yellow glue, black glue, epoxy glue, crystal glue, etc., which can flow liquid. At present, the selection of dispensing equipment is very wide, basically manufactured according to the requirements of the manufacturer.
  Do you understand the selection of dispensing equipment now? All accessories are selected according to the difficulty of product requirements. Screw pressure barrel and funnel pressure barrel have different methods of use. At present, our company's pressure barrel manufacturers have more than 20 types of pressure barrels. We can also fill glue according to previous experience to avoid glue leakage. It's quite learned to select machine equipment, or there won't be so many machine manufacturers.
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