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Double liquid epoxy glue filling

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Epoxy glue filling needs to be equipped with double pressure barrel and epoxy resin filling machine. Due to the characteristics, in terms of machine type, many accessories are needed to cooperate, such as: dispensing machine, defoamer, mixer, dynamic mixing valve, etc. to understand the characteristics of epoxy glue, we can really achieve the task of filling glue. This is a special double liquid glue. Let's have a look.
  The preparation before the mixing and filling of double liquid epoxy glue is relatively large. After mixing, it is easy to have bubbles. It is required by the application industry. First, the mixing ratio of glue is generally 1:1 and 4:1, and the viscosity of glue is about 8000-30000 CPS. Screw pressure barrel is required to be used with the upper funnel device. Before the pressure barrel discharging device, there is a core device called screw The device can control the glue output, and the glue output of each barrel can be controlled. Then the glue is mixed and delivered to the dispenser for defoaming, delivered to the point glue valve, and then filled with epoxy glue. This is the rough process of glue filling.
  Screw pressure barrel is equipped with glue metering function, two-component glue is divided into a glue and B glue, the output of which is different, a glue is one part, B glue is five parts, the amount of glue is different, when mixing, it must be in accordance with the requirements, otherwise the glue can not be solidified or the solidification effect is poor, screw pressure barrel can accurately transport the amount of glue to avoid the problem of glue filling, and double liquid epoxy glue is used for glue filling The accessories are relatively complex, and the characteristics of funnel pressure barrel can be added. Funnel is added at the side of the pressure barrel. Generally, there is no glue for working, and it can be added directly.
  The selection of dispensing equipment will directly affect the production effect. The selection of double liquid epoxy glue filling and dispensing equipment should also meet the requirements. It is best to choose according to the glue type and product requirements, which is the most appropriate way to avoid problems. If you don't understand the selection of dispensing equipment, you can find our manufacturer! There is a special customer service to show you about the equipment.
  Our company is not only a pressure barrel manufacturer, but also a dispensing equipment manufacturer. At present, there are about 20 to 30 kinds of equipment, with a very large number, which can meet the requirements of various glues and industries. Our company is a dispensing machine and pressure barrel manufacturer, with machines and accessories produced by our company, and the price is more favorable. Welcome to consult the manufacturer.
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