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Common problems and effective methods for pressure bucket

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Due to the rapid increase of the national economy, people's material demand conditions also become higher, based on this change, as an important production equipment in the production process, dispensing machine has been widely used in various industries; for example: home appliances and electronics industry, integrated circuit industry, LED lighting industry, auto parts industry, electrical industry the industry, construction industry and so on.
No matter how advanced equipment has occurred problems and failure probability, the dispensing machine is no exception; as one of the important parts of the pressure barrel dispensing machine, if the incorrect use of failure, not only need the maintenance costs, increase production costs, important or serious impact on the production schedule, so the common problems the pressure barrel are those who have? What better way to avoid or reduce? The answer is definitely!
The first pressure leak: Leak Bucket pressure barrel is also one of the reasons restricting the production schedule, due to the pressure needed for production is a standard, if in the production of pressure tank leak it would seriously reduce the intensity of production cannot meet the requirement of production pressure; avoid way: Pressure Leak Bucket the production is a common problem in the production of dispensing, most of the reason is to bring pressure barrel producing factory, so the user at the time of purchase must be checked out.
Second pressure barrel bubble: there are many reasons for the pressure barrel bubble, if the bubble pressure barrel will cause air hit phenomenon in the production of the cause of dispensing; this kind of problems because of pressure barrel leak and replace glue pressure when air enters the barrel and glue mixed together to produce, the solution is every change of glue the pressure in the barrel barrel. The removal of air
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