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Semi automatic glue filling machine

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Semi automatic glue filling machine is a combination of manual large flow dispensing valve and stainless steel pressure bucket. It uses stainless steel pressure bucket to store glue and dispensing valve to transport glue. It is simple in structure, convenient in use, low in cost and suitable for single component glue filling requirements. Semi automatic glue filling machine once became a hot door product. The price depends on the size of pressure bucket.
  Output and control of semi-automatic filling machine
  The manual large flow dispensing valve can use high viscosity glue, and the glue flow is relatively large, which meets the requirements of low accuracy. It is also a glue filling product, with a large amount of glue. You can choose such a product, which can continuously fill glue, and can achieve 3 grams of glue per second, with a certain amount of glue control effect. For the flow control, it is manual control, and the glue amount can be controlled according to the requirements.
  There are two flow control modes, manual and automatic. The semi-automatic glue filling machine belongs to manual mode. The automatic control platform is needed to realize the glue quantity control. The price is more than ten times of the semi-automatic glue filling machine. The price is high. Compared with some manufacturers with low glue filling requirements, the cost performance is not very high, and the flow control is flexible. The configuration according to the manufacturer's requirements is the most appropriate.
  Features of large flow dispensing valve:
  1. Glue flow control is simple, pure manual control.
  2. Low cost, one set of semi-automatic glue filling machine price 630 (one liter stainless steel pressure barrel)
  3. Large flow rate, fast glue delivery.
  Semi automatic glue filling machine is still very popular in the market. If there is a demand in this respect, you can find our company, which can configure suitable production equipment for you. The manual large flow dispensing valve and stainless steel pressure barrel are in stock, which need to be mass produced every day. Moreover, our company has a full-automatic glue filling machine specially prepared for double liquid glue.
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