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Specification of glue stainless steel pressure barrel ball v

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There are two types of pressure buckets: glue type and purified water type. Our company mainly makes glue type for glue storage. The materials are stainless steel and carbon steel. The specification can be customized, 1-100l. The specification is complete and necessary for the manufacturer. Today, let's talk about which type of accessories, ball valve, air pressure device, muffler, etc. are used for our conventional stainless steel pressure buckets, and which type and function are mainly used.
  Although the stainless steel pressure barrel ball valve is an inconspicuous accessory, it plays a very important role, such as closing or opening the air pressure to avoid air leakage. Which specification is suitable for the ball valve? In fact, there are specifications in the market. The general specification is 2 teeth, which belongs to the industry standard configuration, and can be purchased in various hardware stores. However, the ball valves configured by our company are quality guaranteed It has a very long service life and basically does not need to be equipped with another.
  The pressure value of the pressure barrel can be controlled by the pressure regulating valve. The maximum available pressure is 0.7MPa, and the minimum can be 0mpa. The control is stable. The pressure value can be adjusted according to the viscosity of the glue. The size of the pressure barrel can be controlled so as to control the glue output, avoid excessive glue output, adjust in a wide range, and make it more applicable. It is also convenient for dispensing. The function of the glue barrel is very obvious, so as to solve the problem of glue storage and improve the production connection Continuity, strong glue continuity, in line with modern production mode.
  It's very important to choose manufacturers for processing stainless steel pressure buckets. Each manufacturer uses different technologies and has different costs. Some manufacturers sell two kinds of stainless steel pressure buckets at a low price. They produce in large quantities and have poor materials. However, many manufacturers use the latter one. Compared with other stainless steel pressure buckets, our price is higher. All materials are made of stainless steel 304, and the cost of manual production is high The price is relatively high and the quality is guaranteed.
  Rotary pressure barrel is one of our main equipment, It can independently drive the glue, and mix it to avoid the glue precipitation, and the effect will be better than the ordinary stainless steel pressure barrel. The technology used in the selection of stainless steel pressure barrel processing, and the manufacturing technology of glue filling barrel are still important. Each process needs to be stable, so as to avoid the glue problem and make the dispensing have a better effect.
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