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How to adjust the air pressure of glue pressure barrel

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The pressure value of glue pressure barrel refers to the value displayed on the barometer. It can be seen directly from the barometer how big the pressure is. Generally, the pressure can reach 0.8MPa, which rarely exceeds the pressure value. It belongs to the standard pressure value and cannot exceed the range, because each pressure barrel is produced according to the standard and can bear the pressure in this range. There may be potential safety hazards in large scale. Teach you how to adjust the glue water barrel Air pressure value.
  In fact, the adjustment of air pressure value is also very simple. According to the viscosity of glue, there are three kinds of glue: high, medium and low. The natural fluidity of high viscosity glue can not be higher than 80000cps, and the low can reach 0cps. According to the three types, the air pressure can be adjusted. If the viscosity is over 10000, it can be adjusted to more than 0.6MPa, about 5000 to 10000cps, it can be adjusted to more than 0.4MPa, and if it is lower than 5000cps, it can be adjusted to the flow requirements of glue Adjustment: the pressure value of the pressure barrel has not been specified clearly, and the setting is stable according to the actual requirements.
  There are several accessories that will affect the pressure value of the pressure barrel. In order to avoid the stability of the pressure value, the sealing effect should be done well. For example, the ball valve of the pressure barrel needs to be matched with a suitable ball valve. The screw thread is split. When screwing on the flat cover of the pressure barrel, the water tape should be wrapped to avoid air leakage. The installation of other accessories is the same.
  This is the way to control the pressure value of the pressure barrel, whether rotating the pressure barrel or filling the rubber barrel. Each pressure barrel will be equipped with a pressure gauge to control the pressure value, so as to avoid the instability of the pressure input and the problem of the glue output. Every product has quality assurance in our production process, and every accessory has core product value. The pressure barrel process is hammered out. The quality of each product is stable, and it can be tested. The machines needed for stainless steel pressure barrel processing are purchased by our company, which are used to produce rotary pressure barrel and rubber filling barrel. The production is about 300 pressure barrels per month.
  The process of pressure barrel has been remembered for a long time. The process of each step, how to ensure the quality of each product, which kind of pressure barrel ball valve should be matched, and the difference between stainless steel and carbon steel process are all core values. The range of pressure value of pressure barrel is specified. It is better not to use more than 1MPa pressure device, and the limit of 10kg pressure barrel, Avoid unnecessary problems, or do not use high-pressure pressure pressure supply device.
  Before the processing of stainless steel pressure barrel, the range of pressure value of pressure barrel has been determined. It can move within the range, which is easy to cause hidden dangers. The process technology of pressure barrel is also set according to the standard requirements. The limit of ball valve of pressure barrel also exists, or the appropriate air compressor is selected according to the requirements of safe rubber filling barrel.
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