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The selection of the pressure bucket determines the quality

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The pressure barrel is one of the essential parts of the dispensing, dispensing process by pressure driven flow to the glue dispensing machine pressure barrel inside, can store a large amount of glue, reduces the replacement frequency of the glue, the glue can work more stable to run smoothly, the defect rate is greatly reduced, so that the quality of the pressure barrel selection will determine the dispensing work.
Stainless steel pressure pail is the most commonly used work piece in dispensing industry. It is made of stainless steel tube. After polishing and hardening, the stainless steel pressure barrel has longer service life and working quality, better safety performance and better tightness. The stainless steel pressure barrel is made up of many working parts, including air inlet, barometer, pressure regulating valve, exhaust valve and vent port. Users need to install according to the operation instructions.
The sealing cover on the plastic barrel, and then use the pressure ring and tighten the lid, and then follow the steps of the safety valve, pressure regulating valve, exhaust valve and outlet installed in the pressure barrel lid.
The pressure barrel is very simple to use, first of all to the pressure barrel into the glue, and then through the air pressure device to realize the quantitative management of internal glue, can store various kinds of high viscosity glue dispensing work, pressure barrel made of stainless steel to avoid sticky glue in the pressure barrel, and solve the difficult problem of adhesive, the piston is tightly connected with the the pressure barrel, the glue dispensing process will not leak adhesive glue, glue with equal effect without error, to maximize the utilization of glue.
Some work on the production line of precision dispensing requirements higher, only complete dispensing more through the corresponding configuration, stainless steel pressure barrel is often chosen user's working parts, equipped with this high efficient pressure barrel can help the user to complete dispensing work quality.
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