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502 glue storage mode and dispensing equipment

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502 glue is a conventional type, often used by the industry, but you know how to store 502 glue, and what is the dispensing method? Today, let's talk about how 502 glue is stored and dispensing, what types of dispensing accessories meet the dispensing requirements, and what's convenient.
502 glue features
1. Easy to solidify, for iron, aluminum, paper, plastic and other materials have a rapid adhesion.
2. There is no special requirement for bonding. It can also solidify rapidly at room temperature.
3. The use conditions are simple, there is no other auxiliary demand, and the bonding effect of the product is good, such as headphone or plastic car bracket bonding.
The pressure bucket made of Teflon material is needed for 502 glue storage. Although the glue will also solidify inside the pressure bucket, it only solidifies slowly, which is not a matter of three or five minutes, and has nothing to do with the Teflon tube. The main reason is that 502 glue will naturally solidify when encountering air. The use of Teflon material can slow down the solidifying speed, which lies in the dispensing speed and collocation The automatic dispensing machine can finish dispensing glue in half an hour or an hour, and then store it for dispensing. Only the peristaltic dispensing machine can meet the requirements when using the semi-automatic glue filling machine. Because there is no need to store glue, the Teflon tube can be directly inserted into the 502 glue water bottle for dispensing.
Our company has used 502 glue for the bonding of earphone and plastic car bracket. Generally, we do not use large flow dispensing valve, but use anaerobic glue dispensing valve, which is used together with automatic dispensing machine. The manual large flow dispensing valve is made of aluminum alloy. Although it has good corrosion resistance, it is unfavorable for 502 glue. It is easy to solidify inside the glue, and it will be damaged in about 10 minutes A dispensing valve, production consumption is too large, not conducive to dispensing.
Semi automatic glue filling machine is still widely used. For single component glue, the price is cheap. If the manufacturer is interested, you can learn about the dispensing effect!
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