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How to control glue flow of dispensing valve

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Glue flow control is related to dispensing quality. How to use dispensing valve to control glue flow? Can this problem be fundamentally solved? There are many people who don't know how to operate. Today, let me start with the most basic glue flow control to give you a new understanding of dispensing.

  Control glue principle (automatic dispensing machine)

  The dispensing valve + controller + pressure barrel is the most commonly used package. The dispensing valve plays the role of opening and closing, the controller plays the role of flow control, and the pressure barrel plays the role of storage. The combination of the three can control the glue flow control according to its own meaning. For example, when the air pressure of the controller is adjusted to 0.7MPa, and the air pressure at the inlet and outlet of the dispensing valve is increased, the axial pushing capacity will be improved and raised When the rubber flow is increased, the air pressure of the controller is reduced, the axial flow is reduced, and the rubber flow is reduced, which is also related to the air pressure of the pressure barrel. The air pressure is large and the fluidity is strong, which may affect the performance of the controller.

  Semi automatic dispenser (semi-automatic dispenser)

  The manual large flow dispensing valve + pressure barrel can form a semi-automatic glue filling machine. The glue flow control of this product is more simple. It is controlled by the hand pressure piece and amplitude device of the manual large flow dispensing valve. Adjust the angle that the hand pressure piece can press to control the glue flow, isn't it particularly simple?

  Dispensing valve features

  The dispensing valve has its corresponding characteristics according to different types, for example: manual large flow dispensing valve adopts manual control mode, with large glue flow and easy to use. It can still be used for high viscosity glue, with good glue delivery effect and good glue blocking effect. Each dispensing valve has practical application effect, some of which are applied in the electronic industry and some of which are bonded in the plastic vehicle bracket, with different effect.
  Dispensing valve features are very many, for each different dispensing valve, otherwise why produce so many types, just for fun? In terms of flow control, our company has a certain say. If your company has demand for dispensing parts or product dispensing, you can contact us! With the most reasonable flow control mode, we can provide you with reasonable dispensing accessories.
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