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Is dispensing accuracy related to dispensing needle?

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Dispensing accuracy is very important for dispensing. If you don't know the dispensing accuracy, you can't make a good point. In fact, dispensing accuracy is related to dispensing needle and core accessories, such as dispensing needle, guide rail and controller, which control dispensing accuracy. The inner diameter of the needle, the precision of the guide rail and the air pressure stability of the controller.
  Dispensing accuracy adjustment
   1. Dispensing needle: This is the core to control the dispensing accuracy. If the dispensing accuracy is 0.05mm, the best inner diameter of the used dispensing needle is 0.05mm, and the dispensing flow can meet the demand. The automatic machine can use a smaller one-third of the needle, and a smaller one can also meet the dispensing accuracy. Adjust the dispensing accuracy according to the size of the inner diameter of the needle.
  2. Guide rail: there are linear guide rail and screw rod guide rail, the difference between the two precision lies in the motor control. The linear guide rail adopts stepping motor, the precision can reach 0.1mm, while the precision of servo motor can reach 0.01mm, the difference is 100 times, and the control accuracy of linear guide rail is relatively poor, which is unable to remedy the performance defects.
  3. Dispensing controller: the main air pressure control core accessories are related to the air pressure of the dispensing valve, and the working efficiency is fast and slow. The selection of dispensing controller should have quality assurance products to avoid air leakage or defective products, which has an impact on the dispensing accuracy adjustment. This is the main reason why the high-end screw dispensing valve is equipped with a separate control.
The adjustment of dispensing accuracy is generally related to these three types. The other is non-standard design. At present, dispensing technology is quite mature. It has a history of many years. The core of dispensing technology has been grasped very well. The debugging effect of dispensing accuracy has also come out. In addition,   the proofing on the delivery has been done to make appropriate non-standard machine design for you, so as to fundamentally solve the problems in dispensing Adjust the accuracy of the motor to a proper range.
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