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Factors affecting the price of pressure bucket

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In the pressure barrel inside the dispensing machine plays a major role in the storage of glue, currently on the market price of a high pressure barrel cost also has low cost, users generally tend to choose low cost pressure barrel, so dispensing accessories market pressure barrel price uneven, there are many factors affecting the pressure barrel price, below for reasons we explain the pressure barrel price changes.
The high demand of the pressure barrel dispensing work, most users will choose steel barrels as pressure dispensing glue storage parts, steel pressure barrel has low cost and good processing quality, steel pressure barrel mainly depends on the carbon content, carbon carbon pressure bucket high stiffness and high hardness, through the pneumatic drive long term quantitative transport of glue, both to ensure the work efficiency and ensure the glue dispensing work quality. However, the defects of carbon steel pressure pail are very obvious, and the low temperature resistance is very poor. If the dispensing work is carried out in low temperature environment, the external materials will become brittle, and the corrosion resistance will be poor, which will be easily affected by the properties of the glue, so the market price is low.
Stainless steel pressure barrels of similar objects in expensive cost is high, the sealing cover and the bonding properties between the high pressure barrel, eliminate the effect of air sealing glue the possibility, not only corrosion resistance and no leakage, for the steady pressure driven through adhesive glue, effectively improve the production efficiency, practical range broad, in addition to the application on the glue storage can apply to other fluid storage use, stainless steel pressure barrel high cost, the price is expensive, so most users according to the needs of the work before choosing this high pressure barrel price.
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