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The selection of dispensing valve is suitable for product di

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The choice of glue application is made by the manufacturer. Basically, there are some choices in each industry. In fact, the dispensing valve has some knowledge of glue matching. Each dispensing valve has different structure, including thimble, cylinder, screw and disk. Each type has different effects. The thimble uses low viscosity glue, the cylinder can use medium glue, the disk can use high viscosity glue, and the screw can use high viscosity glue Various types of glue, dispensing valve and not only look at the axis, to see the product dispensing requirements and glue types.
  Soft PVC glue belongs to medium viscosity glue, but it is a two-component type. It needs to use double liquid dispensing valve. After glue mixing, glue can be applied, and the evenly mixed AB glue can solve the problem of glue dispensing. Moreover, according to the glue mixing proportion, there are still areas. It is important to select accessories for glue application. It is different from single component glue, and there are some non components that need to be used Punctuation valve.
  Low temperature glue belongs to single component glue. Because of its low viscosity, it can use thimble type dispensing valve. However, according to the industry requirements, the precision is high, and the thimble type dispensing valve can not meet the requirements, so it can only use jet type dispensing valve. Each type is different, the use effect will be very different, only for the glue type and application requirements to select the appropriate dispensing accessories, is the final solution.
  The non-point glue valve is operated according to the product dispensing demand, but the production requirements are very high, one or more of them are not made, the price of one set of mold is very expensive, the price directly affects the dispensing requirements, unless the dispensing industry requirements are very high, it is not possible to return to the next order, select a more appropriate dispensing valve, otherwise pay for a set of film, and the non-point glue valve can be produced.
  Glue selection is very important, otherwise the company will not ask you to send samples and products, after proofing, can you decide the price? It's not a lie, and it really needs to be done.
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