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Low temperature glue red glue dispensing

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What we need to know about glue dispensing? Why there is no very standard machine in the market, but only the size standard machine. Because we need to match the dispensing accessories, we can meet the dispensing needs of products within the specifications. There are some dispensing equipment that can meet the needs, especially in the high-precision industry, we need to use non-standard machines, and what kind of glue, industry, demand and production does the manufacturer use Product demand will affect the setting of dispensing equipment.
  Low temperature red glue dispensing is generally used in electronic product dispensing. The dispensing accuracy is very small, especially in the high precision technical requirements. It is at some electronic connection points. The dispensing accuracy is relatively high. Only when the glue quantity is controlled accurately, can the dispensing problem be avoided. The connection points need to be coated with glue to avoid overflow of glue. The viscosity of red glue is low, the fluidity is good, and the points where low temperature red glue is used Glue valves are non-point glue valves or spray type glue valves.
  The function of non-point glue valve is to operate according to the core of dispensing valve. Because of glue viscosity, dispensing requirements, accuracy, fluidity, product type, etc., not all dispensing valves have dispensing effect, only core dispensing equipment can be used for operation, thus forming. The selection of gluing is a way of manufacturing by using the type of dispensing valve, which can solve dispensing well , for example: soft PVC glue dispensing, we can make a non-point glue valve to meet the core dispensing needs, to solve the existing coating.
  Low temperature red glue dispensing is a matching dispensing valve, which is composed of dispensing valve and visual dispensing device. It can achieve the function of positioning dispensing and achieve very precise dispensing effect, so as to solve the dispensing problem. According to the type of product, solve the product problem, which is the core of the dispensing effect.
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