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Dispensing accessories for soft PVC glue filling

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In fact, the soft PVC glue is generally used in LED industry. According to the product type and requirements, the core of the product is realized, and the problem of glue filling is fundamentally solved, which involves the selection of dispensing accessories. How to select the appropriate accessories? If you already have machines and need to find the right accessories, you can find our company! Not only produce dispensing parts, but also produce machines!
First of all, we need to know what kind of glue is soft PVC glue, what is the viscosity of the glue, and whether it needs to be mixed. All these need to be told to me, and then we can add appropriate dispensing accessories. Generally, PVC soft glue is a two-component glue, which needs to be mixed, but the mixing viscosity is not very high, about 3:1, the effect is very uniform, and the fluidity is good, but we need to Good breaking effect.
According to the given data, it is recommended to use dynamic mixing dispensing valve, which can solve the problem of poor glue fluidity and improve the mixing effect of running water. The effect of 3:1 mixing using ordinary double liquid dispensing valve is not very good, and the use of dynamic mixing dispensing valve can have better effect, while the use of table type dispensing machine is used for product dispensing, because LED lamps have the longest and shortest selection Can also be used.
The glue filling machine can be customized according to the product demand. Like the dispensing valve, there is no so-called standard in this industry. It is all the machines made according to the needs of the manufacturer. If there are many users, it will become the standard. Your company has some needs. You can find our company! Our company is located at No.1, 6th Street, 128 Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City.
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