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Five position three-way solenoid valve

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The solenoid valve may be familiar to you. It is a common accessory in dispensing industry. It can control the air pressure flow. It needs to be used in many places, such as dispensing machine, screw machine and semi-automatic dispensing machine. They use a lot of accessories. How to choose the solenoid valve? In fact, after market precipitation, it has been branded. At present, it is better for the solenoid valve of Adecco.

  Function description of solenoid valve

  Five position three-way means that there are five holes, three air inlet holes, two air outlet holes, and also can be controlled by electric signal. According to the demand, air supply or air inlet is very important for the air pressure control products. Many air pressure accessories can use the core products, fundamentally solving the product dispensing problem. In order to get the corresponding core accessories, our company.

  Domestic brand solenoid valve

  In fact, there are many domestic brands of solenoid valves, such as oil research, Rexroth, StarTech, and adeke. The manufacturer is in Taiwan, and our company has a good production capacity, which can solve the problem of a lot of air pressure. Moreover, we choose to use the recovered solenoid valve when applying glue. No solenoid valve can't control the air pressure, which will cause the air pressure to be constant, no control, no control There is a way to work.

  Use of solenoid valve

  For the separate use of the non-point glue valve, a solenoid valve is required. For example, the pressure barrel stores low-temperature glue and needs to control the glue dispensing valve to work. It is necessary to control the air inlet and outlet of the glue dispensing valve, which is equivalent to a switch. The non-point glue valve can be manually used as the glue dispensing valve. If the glue dispensing platform of the device can still be used, only the corresponding glue dispensing accessories need to be added to know the glue dispensing.
  The parts selected for gluing need to be based on the actual requirements. Today, let's talk about the function of solenoid valve. If you need dispensing equipment or accessories, you can find our company! However, solenoid valves are sold in general hardware stores. There is no machine and equipment. We need to find the same manufacturer as us.
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