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What is the function of dispensing valve with screw?

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Screw plays a very important role in screw dispensing valve. Screw connects motor and glue delivery bridge. Motor drives screw to rotate. Screw rotates to output glue in dispensing syringe to glue outlet, and then let it dispensing. Screw plays a role of bridge, and a deeper role. Let's have a look.
  The single liquid screw dispensing valve is one of our agency valves, and there are also two liquid types. According to the past dispensing experience and the core application of the product, our company can solve the current demand for high-precision dispensing. The precision can be controlled within 0.025mm, and the line width can reach 0.12mm. It is currently a high-end industry dispensing valve, and there is a higher precision dispensing valve, called piezoelectric spray valve, with the precision of 0.0 1mm, the precision of dispensing valve alone can be achieved.
  The function of screw is very obvious. It drives and rotates. As the linkage between motor and glue, although the motor has high precision, it can stop or rotate anytime and anywhere, but it is not easy to clean when contacting glue, and the glue effect is not good, so a bridge is installed between glue and motor, that is, screw is used to drive glue. The cleaning is simple and the material reason is direct Clean with solution, non stick.
   Do you understand the principle of screw action? In fact, the dispensing effect of the single liquid screw dispensing valve is good, which has a lot to do with the process and controller. Although the manufacturer of dispensing equipment has some high-tech talents, there are some differences between the produced screw dispensing valve and the imported one, mainly in the service life, the imported one can be used for five years, and the domestic one needs to be scrapped Good maintenance, no problem for two or three years. The domestic price is about 18000 yuan / piece, and the import price is 36000 yuan / piece. The domestic price is relatively low, which is also in line with modern industry production. The price of piezoelectric injection valve is 15000 yuan.
  The characteristics of the spray valve are also clearly stated in the above article. Each dispensing valve has corresponding characteristics. According to the dispensing requirements and glue type of the product, it is very helpful for dispensing to fit the dispensing valve, so as to solve the dispensing problem. There are about 20 dispensing valves produced by our company, so as to meet the requirements of various types of glue, and the high, medium and low requirements are met.
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