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The pressure bucket is a necessary accessory for the glue di

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The dispensing machine to provide important help to the development of modern industry, the majority of production needs to be applied to bonding or package, the application range of the dispensing embodied, pressure bucket is an important accessory dispensing machine, is mainly responsible for the storage of glue in the dispensing work through the glue dispensing internal pressure driven flow, the demand of higher sales volume good so, pressure barrels are essential parts of dispensing machine.
At present, there are mainly two kinds of pressure pail on the market, one is the carbon steel pressure bucket, the other is the stainless steel pressure bucket, the two pressure pail has certain difference, the user should choose according to the actual situation when choosing. Carbon steel pressure barrel has the advantages of simple structure and low manufacturing cost, can be used for dispensing work in general, steel barrel pressure sealing, no leakage and glue appear bubbles, processing of steel pressure barrels, according to the needs of work dispensing can even customize different specifications of the pressure barrel.
Stainless steel pressure barrel is the most commonly used accessories work dispensing machine, although the high cost has its originality, polished stainless steel pressure barrel surface hardening treatment, long-term use will not rust and corrosion resistant performance, good sealing performance, avoid the problem of gas leakage and internal sticky glue will not make a higher safety performance the dispensing work, directly into the glue dispensing work execution. There are a variety of different functions of stainless steel pressure bucket, such as stainless steel manual pressure drum, automatic mixing of immortal steel pressure barrel, etc.
The volume of the pressure bucket is large, and it can store a lot of glue for dispensing. The sealing will not affect the normal use effect of glue. It is necessary for glue dispenser to perform glue dispensing steadily when dispensing.
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