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How to realize automatic paint spraying

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n some small products for paint spraying, how can it be achieved? For example, car logo painting, spraying range is very small, there is no trace of gaps or glue, the scope needs to be guaranteed at 0.02mm, general spray valve and dispensing valve can not meet the demand. In order to meet the needs of this range, our company has developed the pneumatic injection dispensing valve, combined with the German manufacturer's manufacturing technology.
  Paint dispensing valve is a pneumatic spray type dispensing valve. In order to achieve high-precision spray painting, our company can achieve a lot of spray effects on some products with specific needs. Moreover, we have non-standard manufacturing technology, rather than a standard machine, for oil paint spraying. With the machine technology made by our company, the core has made a great breakthrough and gradually applied in Car logo painting, for example: BMW logo painting, Geely logo painting.
  Pneumatic spray dispensing valve can be used with two types of machines, ordinary type: it can be used with desktop dispensing machine, and combined into spray dispensing machine, which can meet the painting of some small products, the accuracy can be controlled within 0.25 mm line width, and it can also be used with visual desktop dispensing machine, the use type is quite many, which can be aimed at some high-demand products; high-end type: combined with assembly line, I Division for you to produce a production line, from the production of finished parts or in the original assembly line to add a section of paint spraying, combined with assembly line way.
  The paint dispensing valve can meet all kinds of paint spraying. The paint spraying of car logo is just one of them. There are also three kinds of paint spraying on the electronic board, etc. we can use our machines and accessories when painting is needed. The paint dispensing valve has a strong effect. We are confident that we can do a good job in paint spraying.
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