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Pneumatic injection dispensing valve

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Introduction to dispensing valve: pneumatic spraying dispensing valve belongs to a new type of high-precision dispensing valve, which can meet the requirements of low viscosity glue dispensing, precision, control and dispensing mode. It is realized with a new concept. It is mainly used in high-precision products, and has a new application direction of air pressure. The effect will also be greatly changed, and the traditional three-axis dispensing mode will be changed. The combination of pneumatic spraying dispensing valve is No z-axis is needed to make dispensing faster.
Product Description:
Dispensing valve application:
Glue: ink, paint spray, UV glue, red glue, anaerobic glue, white glue, solder paste, silver paste, surface mount glue, etc.
Industry: smartphone frame, lens assembly dispensing, UV protective packaging, bottom filling, SMT dispensing, car logo painting, etc.
Parameters of pneumatic injection dispensing valve
Model: zz-9820
Driving voltage: 24V
Input air pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.8MPa
Dispensing valve material: aluminum alloy
Dispensing valve components: piezoelectric module, air pressure device and dispensing device.
Fluid tank material: SUS304
Piston sealing ring: PTFE synthetic material
Striker seal ring: PE / pyef / PE optional
Striker material: super hard alloy
Nozzle material: super hard alloy
Valve body temperature: ≤ 100 °
Nozzle temperature: room temperature ~ 130 °
Weight: 0.55kg

Injection valve features

1. Using air pressure and voltage drive, using non-contact way dispensing, improve dispensing effect,.
2. The feeding of dispensing valve can reach 250Hz, and the dispensing can be completed 250 times a minute.
3. The adjustment of glue quantity is based on the thousandth position, with accurate accuracy, good control of glue quantity, no glue overflow and no wire drawing.
4. It has its own cooling function and generates heat during long-term operation. It is physical cooling and air cooling mode to improve the service life of dispensing valve.
5. The structure is exquisite and easy to install, maintain and maintain.
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