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Painting display of various vehicle logos

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In fact, the painting of car logo is also done by dispensing machine, because the painting requirements of car logo are very high, and the painting surface needs to be smooth, so it is difficult to meet the general requirements. Our company adopts the pneumatic spray dispensing valve, which can solve the painting problems well, such as non-contact painting, aiming at each car logo position, painting, and also installing a variety of paint materials, one-time Finish painting.
Paint dispensing valve (also known as pneumatic spray dispensing valve)
Model: zz-9820
Driving voltage: 24V
Input air pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.8MPa
Dispensing valve material: aluminum alloy
Dispensing valve components: piezoelectric module, air pressure device and dispensing device.
Fluid tank material: SUS304
Piston sealing ring: PTFE synthetic material
Striker seal ring: PE / pyef / PE optional
Striker material: super hard alloy
Nozzle material: super hard alloy
Valve body temperature: ≤ 100 °
Nozzle temperature: room temperature ~ 130 °
Weight: 0.55kg
Car logo painting has a high demand for machines. It needs to be designed independently. There is no reference for a new design according to the product demand. Each manufacturer has different car logo and different effect demand. In order to meet the demand of car logo painting, our team will often design machines according to the actual situation to ensure that the products can meet the production requirements. However, the product price will be relatively high Because the cost is relatively high, the price of demand will also increase.
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