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Dispensing syringe adapter

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Don't know if you understand the adapter of dispensing syringe. This is a common consumable part of semi-automatic dispensing machine. After pouring glue into the syringe, the adapter will be used to seal and connect the hose. The air pressure can be transmitted to the dispensing syringe through the hose, and then dispensing can be carried out.

  Current conventional dispensing adapter

  1. 30cc adapter: 30cc and 55CC syringes are suitable for use.
  2. 100cc adapter: suitable for 100cc syringe.
  3. 200cc adapter: suitable for 200cc dispensing syringe.
  4. 300cc adapter: suitable for 300cc and 500cc dispensing syringes.
  Each type of dispensing syringe is suitable to match the dispensing controller. Generally, the gas pipe is of M6 specification. The gas pipe does not need to be replaced frequently. As long as the glue is not corroded or stuck on the sealing ring, it can be used. However, the replacement frequency of 30cc adapter will be higher. Because the dispensing syringe capacity is relatively small, it is easy to get the top of the dispensing syringe, resulting in the sealing ring with glue.
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