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Characteristics of high precision jet dispensing valve

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1. The new dispensing mode adopts non-contact dispensing.
2. The dispensing speed is fast, which can achieve 250 points per minute.
3. High dispensing accuracy, especially suitable for low viscosity glue spraying.
4. The minimum line width can reach 0.12mm.
5. The maintenance is simple, the structure is simplified, and the cleaning can be completed in less than three minutes.
6. No z-axis movement is required.
7. It can apply a variety of glues, including bottom filling glue, silica gel, sealing glue, UV glue, etc.

technical parameter

Weight: 250g
Minimum working frequency: 250Hz
Minimum opening pressure 0.6MPa
Feeding pressure 0 ~ 30psi
Nozzle aperture: 500Hz
Nozzle diameter 200 microns
The piezoelectric spray valve needs to be used together with the high-precision motor controller. All parameters are operated by the dispensing controller, such as: the proportion of the suction, the strength of the suction, the size of the air pressure, the amount of glue dripping, etc. the piezoelectric spray valve is mainly used for spraying, and the parameters are adjusted by the controller, and the voltage input is also the function of the high-precision dispensing controller.
There are many types of piezoelectric injection valves, but the types will have different effects. If your company has this demand, welcome to our company, Tel: 13662812001.
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