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What is the quality of the price ratio of the plastic pressu

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Plastic pressure barrel quality was synthesized by PP and the quality of export raw materials made of butyl rubber, in the choice of materials has been different, manufacturing of plastic pressure barrel is need better material, because of the pressure barrel has relatively large pressure in the process of using, so to prevent the occurrence of required quality material quality is the reference conditions for plastic pressure tanks are essential, the price is on the basis of these conditions.
Plastic barrel pressure selection using PP and rubber materials produced have high effect in terms of compression, the first to prevent pressure holdbad plastic barrels, second will not be too long the production and use of other substances, third not intentional extrusion does not appear sag, water will not be stored fourth adhesive glue corrosion.
The above is the plastic pressure barrel advantages and characteristics, in the pressure barrel prices are generally cheaper than the dispensing machine, so choose everything the best choice according to the price, while the world is not that kind of money is also not good stuff, but with the same type of pressure barrel than plastic pressure barrel with higher price.
This pressure is the use of plastic barrels can be made, but there are good at ordinary pressure barrel pressure degree, a compression effect, in a production environment, has been for plastic pressure barrel pressure test, to prevent the production of pressure barrel errors, can be assured that use.
These materials are detected by the relevant departments and inspection, belonging to no odor material, need to use the glue used for storage, but the staff in the use of the process will often touch, so the use of the materials for environment and people are not affected, are often detected, will choose these materials for production, so said plastic pressure barrel also has a comparative advantage in terms of cost.
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