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Dispensing device for the application of mobile phone shell

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There are three ways to apply glue to the mobile phone shell, mainly the different glue applications, hot melt glue, UV glue and 502 glue, hot melt glue will be used for the middle mobile phone shell, UV glue will be used for the high level, and 502 glue will be on the low side, because after coating, the mobile phone shell will turn white, which will directly affect the beauty, and the product value will certainly be low. There are three kinds of glue machines to choose.

  Mobile phone shell gluing

  1. Hot melt adhesive coating

  It is recommended to use the hot-melt glue applicator, desktop glue applicator with the hot-melt glue applicator valve. The reason for using the hot-melt glue applicator valve is that the amount of glue applied to the mobile phone shell is less, and the amount of glue applied to the hot-melt glue applicator valve meets the demand. Only a layer of glue needs to be applied on the periphery of the mobile phone shell, and then a sticker can be pasted. The glue application is very simple, but the glue needs to be heated.

  2. Shadowless glue coating

  The shadowless glue is also used as UV glue and photosensitive glue. After the glue is applied, it is irradiated by UV light and can solidify in 5 seconds. This is also a special glue. The machine is suitable for desktop dispensing machine with UV glue dispensing valve or photosensitive glue dispensing valve. The way of applying glue is the same. The shadowless glue is applied on the side of the mobile phone shell, and after the glue is applied, it is bound.

  3. 502 dispensing

  502 glue and mobile phone shell will appear white. If the bottom color of mobile phone shell is white, it is recommended not to use 502 glue, or use shadowless glue or hot-melt glue. In fact, the value of hot-melt glue in front is almost the same. Compared with the second one, UV glue dispensing valve is more expensive, otherwise the value is the same, and the dispensing method is the same as the former.
Three kinds of glue application methods for mobile phone shell can meet the glue application requirements, and can also manufacture machines according to the requirements of manufacturers! What type of glue the manufacturer uses, the requirements for dispensing speed and quality, etc. can be achieved. If you have such requirements, our company can meet them, which is the advantage of the manufacturer.
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