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How to install and use the pressure barrel of manual spray g

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Manual spray gun pressure barrel refers to stainless steel pressure barrel + manual spray gun, which is used for low viscosity liquid painting. It is easy to use, pure manual operation, and the painting effect is very good. Moreover, it is very simple to solve the painting demand, with strong uniformity. Each position can be sprayed in place. The sprayed paint is quite foggy, and the spraying position is in place.

  Installation and use

  There will be many holes on the end of the barrel. Install the accessories. The peripheral holes are generally equipped with air pressure gauge, muffler, pressure regulating valve and pressure relief valve. The middle hole is equipped with M8 rubber interface. The rubber tube is penetrated from the middle. Connect the rubber tube to the electric spray gun. Also, connect the air pressure to the paint gun for paint atomization, and then spray. There are several modes that can be adjusted, Switch according to the scene.
  Manual painting is mainly in flexibility. The painting effect can be operated according to its own requirements. In what products, what paint can be sprayed and how thick the paint surface needs to be sprayed, there is a demand. It is very convenient to use manual painting. Generally, it is automatic, basically super high precision, and the number of products is large. Otherwise, parameters need to be adjusted frequently. Manual painting is controlled manually according to its own requirements Adjust painting effect with high flexibility.
  There are many specifications of spray gun pressure barrel, and the spray paint effect can be adjusted according to the specification changes. The manufacturer uses a large amount of spray gun pressure barrel every day, and can customize large flow dispensing pressure barrel, small and small specifications, which can meet the needs of various specifications. Our company specializes in making pressure barrel. If you have this demand, you can make appropriate pressure barrel for you, and teach you how to use it. This is a non A simple suit.
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