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Dispensing valve conforming to no shadow glue application

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It is necessary to know whether a dispensing valve can meet the dispensing requirements, and certainly need to know the characteristics of the glue, to be able to match the appropriate accessories, to have an excellent dispensing effect. UV glue is also known as UV glue. After dispensing, UV radiation is needed to improve the solidification effect. Our company recommends using UV glue dispensing valve as a professional valve for the application of UV glue.
Uvglue dispensing valve
1. The glue flow can be adjusted.
2. It can meet the dispensing requirements of high viscosity glue, and can be used as a re suction dispensing effect.
3. Use dispensing syringe to store glue with specifications of 30ml and 55ml.
4. Equipped with precise dispensing control device, it can adjust the main parameters and air pressure of screw dispensing valve.
5. It is convenient and time-saving to replace the plastic tube.
6. There are 6, 8, 16 spacing screw selection.
Screw UV dispensing valve parameters
Model: zz-016l
Type: screw dispensing valve
Weight: 350g
Specification: 149 * 90mm
Fluid inlet: internal thread luer joint
Fluid outlet: male luer joint
Installation: 25.6mm valve body mounting hole
Input voltage: 24V
Maximum fluid pressure: 35psi (2.1bar)
Pigment: POM, nylon, Viton
Viscosity range of material: 30K ~ 1300kcps
Warranty: 1 year
Shadowless glue will be applied to the coating of crystal ornaments. The machine is a visual dispensing machine, and the dispensing valve is a UV glue dispensing valve. It can meet the demand in speed, precision and dispensing effect. According to the core demand of the product, it can achieve the visual dispensing function, solve the dispensing problem, and the appropriate product will have better dispensing effect. The photosensitive glue dispensing valve and UV glue dispensing valve are the same valve It can solve the gelatinization of crystal ornaments.
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