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What factors affect the quality of the work of the pressure

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The adhesive dispensing machine is industrial production equipment used in the production of more and more, is applied to every kind of industry production, such as household appliances, electrical and electronic industry, LED lighting industry, auto parts industry, construction industry, solar photovoltaic industry, with the application of industry is increasing, the problems also constantly increased, as one of the important parts of pressure barrel dispensing equipment in daily operation in the pressure barrel affected by what?
1, the quality problem of pressure barrel for their own products: this problem appears in the process in the manufacture of manufacturers, because the technology is relatively backward, careless producers in the production process, resulting in the pressure barrel leakage problem; but this is not absolute, this problem may also occur in the collision products in transit the emergence of such phenomena.
2, affected by the type of glue and cohesive strength: container pressure barrels as glue dispensing equipment storage, on glue or have certain requirements, if there are many kinds of adhesive glue, such as AB, you must use two barrels to pressure for storage, or two kinds of glue mix together will accelerate the curing time of glue also, no glue spray will produce curing pressure in the barrel, causing blockage phenomenon.
3, affect the operation of technology, although the application of glue machine has a certain category, but there are still a considerable number of people do not understand the dispensing machine, this is the history of the development of the dispensing machine, because of the dispensing machine is not very understanding, so in the process of using the incorrect operation makes dispensing the quality is not up to the expected effect; for example, in the course of the operation time of replacing glue, pressure barrels outside air will seep into the barrel, resulting in glue and air bubbles; reflect, in fact these are avoidable, as long as the replacement of glue after the completion of the discharge pressure of the air inside the barrel.
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