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Dispensing valve for filling soft PVC glue

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Soft PVC glue is a two-component glue. The glue dispensing valve that can be used is also a two-liquid glue dispensing valve. Only according to the characteristics of the glue, can you choose the right valve. It depends on the industry in which the glue is applied and the proportion of the glue to be used, so that you can first choose the most appropriate glue. Today, talk about the characteristics and use methods of soft PVC glue.
  The two-component dispensing valve must be used for the two-component glue. No matter what the proportion is, the single component dispensing valve can't accomplish what the two-component dispensing valve can do. The same is true for the two-component dispensing valve. The soft glue generally has a proportion of 3:1 to 5:1 (included), which belongs to the medium proportion. There are two kinds of dispensing valves, the first one is the dynamic dispensing valve + metering pump, the second one is the screw dispensing valve All kinds meet the requirements of soft PVC glue dispensing. Our company has actual test! It worked great.
  The non-standard glue valve refers to the glue valve manufactured according to the needs of the manufacturer and combined with various characteristics, which is only suitable for your company's industry. Other industries cannot meet the requirements. The manufacturing cost of the non-standard glue valve is high, and the price is also high. The general industry uses a large amount of non-standard glue valve, for example: low temperature glue is used, because the viscosity of other glue valve cannot be used, non-standard glue valve needs to be manufactured Punctuation glue valve, especially suitable for the use of this viscosity glue, other types of glue can not meet, this is the non punctuation glue valve.
  Although we don't know much about glue, we need what viscosity and proportion glue are suitable for what dispensing valve. As long as we give glue parameters, we can analyze which dispensing valve can be used. To explain the characteristics and use methods of this glue, it may be a little difficult. Of course, we are familiar with some commonly used glue, such as: low temperature glue, know how to use it, and its function is what.
  Solenoid valve is a very important part in dispensing and filling industry. It is basically used in every semi-automatic or full-automatic machine. The usage is very large. The function of solenoid valve is to control the air pressure, and it can be used with the machine. The solenoid valve has become a hot part in dispensing industry. It is cheap, easy to buy, and it also plays a role in soft PVC glue.
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