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Mixing pressure barrel rubber discharging method

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In fact, there are only three ways to glue out of the pressure barrel: bottom, side and top. The common way to glue out is top glue. Generally, the glue with high viscosity will choose side or bottom glue. Although it can improve the liquidity, it is not very convenient to use. The most convenient way is top glue out, which has become a conventional way.
  The viscosity of the glue stored in the electric mixing pressure bucket is generally very low, and it is also very convenient to use the top to discharge the glue. It can be extruded directly by air pressure, which is very difficult and convenient. It can be customized to see which kind of glue your company likes, because the manufacturers are customized pressure buckets, which will not be produced in advance. Then the manufacturer needs the bottom or the side to discharge the glue, which can be realized The pressure barrel is standard customized, which is very suitable for manufacturers to use! The mixing device combination needs to be equipped with all devices.
  The function of electric stirring is to stir the glue with precipitated glue and bring up the activity, so as to avoid the quality problems caused by the glue precipitation. For example, if the paint is not stirred, there will be no paint effect. If the paint precipitates, there will be sediment in the lower layer and water in the upper layer, it will not meet the requirements of painting. The function of electric stirring It is very important to select the appropriate mixing device combination according to the core requirements of the manufacturer.
  If you want to buy the electric mixing pressure bucket device, you can choose our company, because we are a pressure bucket manufacturer, which can be manufactured according to the needs of the manufacturer, and the after-sales maintenance effect is also available. According to the needs of the manufacturer, our company can solve many problems, and you can understand the electric mixing effect. If you want to know other dispensing devices, please call our company.
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