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UV glue application

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UV glue is also known as shadowless glue, UV glue and photosensitive glue. The glue is very special. After dispensing, it needs to be irradiated with UV light, otherwise it will solidify quickly. But UV glue has a wide range of applications, especially in the electronics, aviation, medical and small jewelry industries. After solidifying, the glue will become colorless and transparent, with high solidifying strength, which is especially loved by the industry. However, the price is some high and the quality is good Yes, the price is about over 100, and the capacity is only 30-55ml. It's quite expensive, but it's also worth the price.
  Our company has provided glue application solutions in UV glue application, for example: mobile phone shell glue application and crystal jewelry glue application are all dispensing machines produced by our company, because our company has production machine technology and independent design team. According to the conditions given by the manufacturer, we develop and produce a new non shadow glue glue applicator, which can solve the manufacturers' application problems of Uvglue, mobile phone shell glue application and crystal decoration Product coating is the case of our company. If you need it, you can contact our company!
  There are two dispensing modes for the application of UV glue. When the dispensing needle cylinder or screw dispensing valve is used, the dispensing effect of the needle cylinder is general, and the precision can reach 0.1mm. Each time the glue is replaced, it needs to be positioned once, and only needs to align with the designed fixed point to complete the needle alignment, which is easy to operate and can be done by hand. The screw dispensing valve has a high precision, which can reach a width of 0.025mm, the precision can reach 0.05mm, and the application of glue is more accurate Stable, it will have better effect, fundamentally solve the problem of gelatinization. The gelatinization effect of crystal ornaments is guaranteed by our company. As long as the UV glue application industry, our company can complete the machine. There is no problem in gelatinization of crystal ornaments and mobile phone shell.
  We need to work hard on the glue storage device to prevent the UV radiation, or the glue will solidify in the middle of the process. After UV glue coating, our company will basically carry out UV radiation, otherwise it is impossible to dry out in less than ten hours. In view of the glue effect, our company has made many changes and learned the corresponding knowledge, which can solve the product The core issue of.
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