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How to choose the suitable motor for the pressure barrel

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Electric motor is a medium-sized domestic brand product, with low price, good quality, low probability of problems, good service attitude and excellent after-sales service. Electric motor can be selected according to the region, with high maintenance cost in foreign countries and common motor, but the quality is not enough. Foreign after-sales cost is high, and the price is not the key point. Our company will Using high-quality electric motor, our company will improve the quality of the machine and the price.
  Mixing device combination: electric motor + mixing blade + stainless steel pressure bucket, as well as conventional accessories (pressure regulator, air hole, muffler). It is not explained one by one that electric mixing pressure bucket can store glue and can mix glue. Electric motor is installed on the cover of stainless steel pressure bucket. Under the mixing device, there is mixing blade, which is driven by electric motor and can enter The combination of electric mixing and mixing device is also low in complexity. However, each interface is highly sealed. Our company has the machinery and technology to produce stainless steel pressure barrel. If you need it, you can call me!
  The function of electric stirring is to stir the glue, improve the activity, avoid sedimentation and uneven problems. The combination effect of the mixing device will have a direct impact on the core demand of the product. If the viscosity of the glue is low, it is easy to precipitate and the problem of glue stratification occurs, it will not meet the core requirements. There will also be problems in the delivery of the glue. The effect of electric motor is very problematic, This is the role of electric mixing. It is very important to apply it to the right industry. In the ordinary industry, it is very difficult.
  There are many stainless steel pressure buckets. The electric mixing pressure bucket is only one of them. In order to avoid the problem of glue deposition, the combination effect of the mixing device is very obvious. The electric mixing device can solve the problem of dispensing. Our company can also produce other stainless steel pressure buckets, about 20 kinds, each of which can be said to be non-standard, because there is no inventory Yes, it can be said that it is non-standard. It is configured according to the needs of the manufacturer. For example, the electric motor has power. According to the problem of glue viscosity, different materials are provided to avoid low power and uneven mixing.
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