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Double liquid epoxy glue filling

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It is required to pay attention to air bubbles when pouring epoxy glue. When glue a and glue B are mixed, there will be air bubbles, which will directly affect the quality of pouring glue. Because there are air bubbles inside the glue, if the working environment is limited, it will lead to the exception of epoxy glue. The product is directly scrapped. The problem of air bubbles is the main problem of epoxy glue pouring. Our company has a good solution FAW!
  In the selection of dispensing equipment, let the manufacturer match the vacuum suction device. When the glue is transported out according to the proportion, first pass through the vacuum suction device, suck all the glue bubbles, then transport them to the glue filling valve, then transport them to the mixing pipe, and then to the glue filling. This is the whole step, but there is another step on the pressure barrel, which is to control the proportion of glue through the metering pump Reasonable problem, more than 2:1 glue basically need to be equipped with a metering pump.
  As a pressure barrel manufacturer, our company has not only the double liquid epoxy glue filling technology, but also the experience in the pressure barrel system. For example, funnel pressure barrel is a very suitable pressure barrel for storing epoxy glue. Because a lot of glue is generally used for glue filling, the ordinary pressure barrel certainly can not meet the demand, and glue needs to be added continuously, while funnel pressure barrel can achieve no shutdown, the same Glue can be added. Epoxy glue is often applied to a large pressure bucket to meet the daily production demand. Single component epoxy glue will not solidify and needs to be mixed with B glue.
  The selection of dispensing equipment is important, and the selection of accessories is the same. Our company is the glue making and filling device, which can be set according to the production demand, with all sizes and specifications. It is very convenient to use. The effect of epoxy glue filling will also be considered, which can fundamentally solve the problem of glue filling. According to the product core, from the product structure, the difficulty of epoxy glue filling is in our company, which is no longer the difficulty of another type, and already has the phase The core technology should be solved.
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